Emma Campbell is an Irish artist who’s roots derive from a mixture of contemporary and Abstract art, you will find her work right in the middle, combining these two styles together. While painting her colectic pieces for exhibition and gallery work she also works on a commission basis creating one of a kind individual paintings.

Emma works with Acrylics as her main medium, ensuring that each creation has an individual flair and twist. Inspiration is found easily and each piece of work is derived from a very simple thought which grows and spirals through out the painting process. Colour reflects ones thought process, feeling and mood, this she portrays by capturing the beauty of an idea with a simple tone and stroke .
Her Work is influenced by aspects of the unconscious, taking reality and enhancing what ones imagination can create. It is not only important but a necessity that a piece of work comes from within, reflecting not only an acute sense of creativity but thought, growth and individualism. 
Creativity lies from within,expressing ones true mind and soul.