A little About Me

My name is Emma Campbell and I work as a professional Artist from my Studio Gallery in Kilmeague, Co Kildare.

Art, in particular painting, has always been a part of who I am and ever since I could hold a paint
brush from a young age, I would express myself through colour.

This was nourished growing up and in turn helped me to develop and discover not only my skill set, but my love and passion for expression and colour, through canvas and paint.

My palate of paints journeys everywhere with me in life, allowing me to freely express beauty,
emotion, and a feeling I always try to capture through my work.

My studio and gallery are surrounded by constant beauty and ruggedness of the Irish countryside. This is a huge source of inspiration for me. My keen interests would be Wildflowers, Land and seascapes and animals that surround my home. Those specifically are Butterfly’s and Bee’s. I love playing with my impressionistic style and having the freedom to create not only a painting, but a visual daydream for the viewer to get lost in, or find themselves in.

I also adore painting in abstraction and immerse my thoughts in balance and colour when I do so.

Many stories that are told are about people, places, or treasured memories in our everyday life, and it’s important to nurture those moments, as those moments will be our treasures” a beautiful person once said to me. I hold this dear to my work and what it represents.

I try to capture a magical whimsical ambiance to each piece, with hidden affirmations often tucked inside. Contemporary Art is a wonderful profession to work with and I would consider myself lucky and blessed to work with this on a full-time bases, with the most wonderful support from all those who collect my work.

My main mediums are Acrylics and oils, in which I dabble in between the two depending on my
work. My palette knife is my most trusty tool, creating those buttery textures, with my brushwork
closely following, to soften and blend.

My work is constantly developing and as an Artist, I find this quite magical. There are endless
possibilities of growth and expression through new collections I create, and I am blessed to be able to share these joys with you all on my ever-colourful journey and love of painting.

Emma x

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