Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do commissions?

Currently, I am not taking on any commissions. I am focusing this year on freely creating new original
works to release in Collection drops.

Do you have any original paintings for sale right now?

All original paintings currently for sale can be found in my shop under “Originals”.

Why are there are no original paintings for sale in your shop?

If there are no original paintings for sale it means they have all sold out, but there are always new
works and collections in the pipeline that I am working on.

When is your next original painting release and how do I find out about it?

I will have original painting drops to, my mailing list throughout this year, the best way to keep up to
date with collection releases is to pop your email in on the home page of my website, then you will be
registered to receive updates and releases. I am also always keeping my Instagram page up to date on

I missed out on an original painting I loved; can you recreate this for me?

Each original painting sold is its own individual piece of work, and holds collectors value, for this
reason alone I do not replicate exactly a painting or recreate it.

I missed out on your last collection of originals; how do I find out when the next lot go on sale?

The best way to hear about my upcoming work is to sign up to my mailing list in which you will
receive an email before any new work goes on sale, you will also receive a preview of all new works
before their intended release date. Paintings can be held and bought through my sign-up listings this
way. It’s a great way to get a preview of a collection before it goes live. You can sign up on my Homepage for this.

What medium do you use?

I work with both Acrylics and Oils.

I’ve bought my painting, will it come ready to hang?

My original paintings on canvas are prepared “ready to hang”. Larger prints are shipped rolled in a
tube and I would recommend bringing to a local framer for framing.

What type of prints do you create?

I print Archival Pigment prints that are printed on the finest of quality 100% German Cotton Rag
Paper. The prints currently available in our shop are a Limited Edition of 250 unless otherwise stated.

Do you make prints of all your original paintings?

No, only a small select few paintings through out the year are chosen to reproduce as a limited-edition

Do your rolled limited editions prints come framed?

My larger prints are shipped rolled in a tube and would need to be taken to your local framers. I don’t
provide a framing service, but I can gladly recommend a framer to you on request.

Paper prints should be framed behind glass – with or without a mount.

I have a selected few limited editions prints framed. I offer these in two set sizes in which you will
see on my website shop.

Do you sign your prints?

Yes, all my prints are hand signed, titled, and numbered on the front. Each print has a small white
border around it to allow for framing. They are also supplied with a signed and numbered certificate
of authenticity.

I love this print, it’s rectangular in shape– can you make it square?

No, sorry, I don’t crop any of my prints. We can accommodate custom sizing if it doesn’t compromise the image. This will be an added cost as it’s a one-off.

Is there added texture on the prints?

Texture is certainly visible due to the high quality of the print but there is no added texture on the
prints, all prints have a flat, matte finish.

When is a print sold out will it be released again?

No, all prints are limited editions unless stated otherwise, when it has reached the end of its edition
run, it will not be reprinted again.

Can I select my edition number?

Unfortunately, this is not possible as our limited editions are printed and sold in order of sale.

What is the difference between a limited edition and an open edition?

A limited edition is reproduced out of a certain number, example 1/250 worldwide, they are signed
and numbered, with a certificate. Once they hit their total amount they are then sold out and not
reproduced. Limited edition prints hold collectors value.

An open edition print is not numbered, but it is signed and title.

Can I visit your studio gallery to view a painting?

Yes, you can! Client visits are arranged strictly on an appointment basis